Golf Clash Tournaments

One of my favorite parts about the game lives golf clash tournaments. Golf clash tournaments are a week-long events in which you get to compete with players from all over the world and win great prizes. These tournaments happen in three rounds, the first one is the qualifying round which goes from Monday to Wednesday and the second one is opening round which occurs on Thursday and Friday finally the weekend round which occurs on Saturday and Sunday.


Scoring of the tournament is different than that of the game. In this the scoring is done based on shots, you score more when you take less number of shots. Will have to take care to complete the hole in the least amount of shots possible to score the highest.

The beginning when you opt-in a tournament you automatically get a chance to participate in the qualifying round. If you are not able to qualify in the first round, you need not get disheartened and as you will get other chances. You will get a chance every day from Monday to Wednesday to win and go to the next round after getting qualified.

You go to the opening round in which you get more competition from different players, and the level of competition in this round is higher. Only the players who qualified in the first round will get to participate in this round. eventually, only the best players who win in this round gets to participate in the weekend round which contains the best players and who wins the weekend rounds get big prizes.

tournament prizes

So in this tournament, you will get to see a lot of new players and experience new techniques used by this player it will eventually increase your experience. It gets exciting to play everyday... I'm competing with the players who lose and win every day to advance to the next level.

To win big at the golf clash tournament, you need to have different and new clubs and equipment. All these clubs and equipment help you achieve bigger and get the proper direction at every shot. It is essential as all the big players entering this tournament will be having bigger and better equipment. To play at a level playing field, you must have the best equipment and to get them you need coins. You can get coins by using a hack generator. Our free coins hack generator helps you achieve a lot of coins that you can use to buy all these equipments and tools which will help you in the right direction and help you make the game.

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