Golf Clash Wind Guide

I will be discussing one of the most effective strategies, which are the game, and it is called golf clash wind guide. In this guide, I will be talking step by step tutorial to following a specific path which will help you win at the game. Different names know this method, namely ring guide chart method, ring guide method or golf clash wind guide. So without discussing other things, let me get straight to the point and discuss the steps to follow this strategy.

No wind scenario

The first step of this strategy is to line up the shot as if there was no wind. We can have a 360-degree view to look at the possibilities, but the direction of the short must be directly in the course, assuming that there is no wind in the path. Next step would be to rotate the screen until the arrow is vertical. The shaft must be completely vertical, and for that, we can turn the screen to get the perfect spot.

Ring Guide

golf clash ring guide

How comes the most crucial part and that is finding the ring position according to the wind strength and the clubs accuracy using the Excel sheet. Clarification you can also be referred to the below on which the first half of the video is discussing the Excel sheet. This Excel sheet has been carefully created considering all the possible actions of the game, and it took months to come at exact accurate details that help you get the best position according to wind strength and club accuracy. There are many sections in this Excel sheet, and after reading it properly, you will understand the depth of it and how it contains every aspect that the algorithm of the game uses to analyse the short and every detail of it.

Now we need to adjust the ring of the correct layer using top of taking shot button as an indicator. This pattern must be appropriately used as an indicator, and it will help us accurately adjusting the ring to the correct layer so that we can have the best angle and alignment to achieve in the proper direction. Now in the next step, we will need to drag the centre of the ring to the top of the take shot button. Using these complete steps will help the ball to counter the wind trajectory coming in its way, but obviously, we would need the power to score.

Practice, practice, practice

The biggest secret is practice. The strategy will give you an edge at the trajectory, but you will always need the power to score, and that will come by practising. You will have to practice a lot and keep doing the same strategy, again and again, to master at it. Many people have been using these strategies to learn so to defeat them; you will have to practice more than them.

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